How to Check if a Commercial Air Duct Needs Cleaning

Your commercial air ducts must perform to the highest standards to meet your efficiency needs in the long-term. If dirt and dust gather within the ducts, it can lead to a significant drop in efficiency. In this latest post, we’ll highlight how to check if a commercial air duct needs cleaning.

If it’s been more than a year

It’s best to have your commercial air duct cleaning completed at least once per year. This is particularly important for businesses such as pet cleaning facilities and laundromats. In pet cleaning facilities the pet dander that gathers within the vents can quickly limit the efficiency of the air systems, causing significant rises in cooling and heating costs.

You experience weak air flow

If you are checking your air ducts and you find you experience weak air flow from specific areas of the building, this could indicate it’s time to begin the cleaning process. If dust and other contaminants settle in the system, they tend to block the air to specific parts of the property. You’ll know the problem exists when temperature variances occur across the property.

Musty smell

If you’re checking around the building for the source of that musty smell and can’t find it or find it around the vents, the source is likely your air duct system. A proper cleaning of the system will rid the building of the musty smell and help ensure that your building residents and those working in the property are more comfortable.

Check for mold

Another clear sign of an air duct issue is the presence of mold around the air registers. This indicates that moisture is present within the duct system, potentially due to a blockage. Make sure that you work with your local commercial duct cleaning company to resolve the problem before the mold begins to impact the health of those inside the building.

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