Myths about Duct Cleaning in Vancouver Homes

As with any technical process, there are several myths surrounding duct cleaning. Our team at MAS Duct Cleaning Services has heard them all, and in this latest post, we’ll highlight some of the more common myths to put aside some of the confusion. Let’s look at the leading duct cleaning myths Vancouver residents may learn.

  • Myth: It’s time to clean the ducts when dust and debris are visible

While you should certainly begin the cleaning process when dust and debris are visible in the building, you should actually take on the cleaning process well before this time. Once this has happened, it can be more difficult to remove the dirt from the property.

  • Myth: You can stop mold growth with a humidifier

While a humidifier will help you to avoid some mold growth in the building, it won’t stop mold from collecting around the HVAC units. The best way to stop mold growth in the long-term is to ensure that your air duct units are cleaned professionally on a regular basis.

  • Myth: Only Vancouver buildings with air conditioning units require air duct cleaning

Buildings with air conditioning units will require significant air duct cleaning on a regular basis. But you should also consider air duct cleaning if you have other types of HVAC system. The dust and debris can be spread throughout the building, causing environmental issues such as sinus infections and potentially impacting the performance of your equipment.

  • Myth: Air ducts don’t affect health

One of the more common myths we hear when discussing air duct cleaning with Vancouver building owners is the idea that air ducts don’t impact the health of those within the building. This is a dangerous myth due to the significant dangers that mold and other issues can cause. Not having air ducts cleaned regularly can lead to long-term problems for those with breathing-related medical issues.

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