How to decide if you need dryer vent cleaning

How to decide if you need dryer vent cleaning

Ever wondered how important is it to get your dryer vent cleaning done from a professional? Well, most of us believe that getting rid of debris from the lint trap after each load of laundry is sufficient. However, there is lot more that needs to be done, in order to keep your appliance in a good shape. Whereas, professional dryer vent cleaning activities can cut your electricity bill, they also prevent the appliance from a sudden breakdown and potential fires.

On a genuine note, we understand that it is a little tricky to determine the need for professional dryer cleaning services. Several homeowners in Vancouver BC often are confused and fail to decide on the right time to call for them. 

Experienced in delivering end-to-end dryer vent cleaning services and more in Vancouver BC, we are here with a few easy to understand and useful tips that will help you determine the need for professional dryer vent cleaning services.

Drying takes too much time

The primary signal that should not be ignored is the time taken by the dryer. Often, a dirty and clogged dryer vent takes more than expected to dry a load of clothes. The reason for this is the accumulation of dust and lint that prevents the movement of hot, moist air out of dryers. Not only this, but extra time wastes energy and increases your utility bills.

Burning Smell from lint

If you come across a burning smell while drying clothes, it means there is something wrong with the dryer. It is important for all of us to know that, the burning smell is generated when the lint accumulated in the dryer falls short of ventilation and can be highly flammable.

Therefore, during instances like these, make sure to get your appliance checked and serviced from professionals, as delay can be very dangerous.

Excessive hot dryer

Blocked vents prevent hot air to escape making the appliance extremely hot on the exterior.  This can be easily noticed as the laundry room and clothes may feel extremely hot after the drying process.

Lint falling from outside vent opening

The outside opening of the dryer vent is crucial. Technically designed to exit air outside, there certainly is a problem when you find lint in these openings. Remember, when you find lint coming out from vent openings the chances that your vent system requires professional cleaning increase.

Precaution is better than cure. Yes, you got that right. Highly recommended by professionals, once a year vent cleaning of the dryer proves to be beneficial, as it aids in smooth functioning of the appliance and also saves energy and money. In addition to this, regular vent cleaning prevents carbon dioxide poising and fire hazards. Professional dryer vent cleaning also is necessary to avoid risks of health issues such as asthma or any other respiratory problem.

So, if you come across any of the above mentioned signs or are someone who believes in preventive measures, feel free to get in touch with our experts now. We at MAS Duct provide customized services at competitive prices.