Questions You Should Ask To Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Contractor Before Cleaning

Questions You Should Ask To Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Contractor Before Cleaning

Anyone who spends most of their time in the kitchen is familiar with grease build up. And if you happen to work in a commercial kitchen, you know that the buildup can be faster than regular. Specialized in cooking larger quantity and variety of food items, commercial kitchens tend to accommodate heavy volumes of dirt and grease in very little time.

Although, staff members do a diligent job while cleaning and adhering to sanitation and hygiene policies, they are limited to clean up the mess that is visible and easily accessible. On the other hand, rapid accumulation of grime and grease in the ducts, vents or kitchen hoods increase the risk of fire hazards. It is unavoidable to get them cleaned by professionals with the necessary equipment.

Facility inspections are conducted regularly and when complaints are received about a food premises, so a proactive approach to a healthy environment makes commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning in Vancouver a priority. But selecting the best service provider still remains one of the most challenging tasks.

Therefore, in order to make an informed decision, it is imperative to ask your kitchen exhaust cleaning contractor the following questions.

Q1. Do you have valid credentials for kitchen exhaust cleaning services?

Based on industry standards, it is important for duct and vent cleaning contractors to hold recognized credentials such as certifications, experience and training procedures. To test the genuineness of the company, it is recommended to explore more about their work with respect to NFPA – 96 guidelines. This will help your business meet the necessary state requirements.

Q2. Insurance Coverage Details

Unforeseen events or accidents are a part of such projects. However, to have information about the insurance coverage details, makes it possible to ensure your right to recover from substantial losses occurred during the process of kitchen exhaust cleaning.

Q3. How do you train your teams?

Believe it or not, answer to this particular question has the capability to reveal a lot about the company procedures. Therefore, before finalizing the vent cleaning company, make sure to learn more about this.

Q4. Do I get the final report of the job?

Last but not the least, it is important to ask the vent cleaning provider if they share thorough reports at the end of the cleaning session. Collecting such information along with before and after pictures will help you test the job. These documents also are important to be submitted to the state officials. Whether you have a brand new restaurant or own a commercial kitchen for several years, keeping it clean is of paramount importance. So, before you select your professional kitchen exhaust cleaning partner, do not forget to ask these 5 questions. They are useful to ensure a safe and healthy environment for both, your staff and customers.