How You Can Maximize Your Furnace Efficiency

How You Can Maximize Your Furnace Efficiency

If you own or manage a property, it’s easy to forget about your furnace during the off-season.  However, ignoring it now could mean major problems down the line.  You want to maintain your furnace throughout the year so that it will give you the best possible performance when winter comes.

Otherwise, a poorly maintained furnace will – at the least – struggle to provide enough heat.  In worst-case scenarios, it could become a fire hazard.

As furnace duct cleaning surrey experts, we’ve seen a lot of poorly maintained furnaces.  Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Four Ways to Maintain Your Furnace’s Efficiency

1 – Regularly clean or change the filters

This is the most important aspect of furnace maintenance, for a property owner.  Your furnace’s air filters will frequently get dirty, and they can even become clogged during the offseason, just from ambient air passing through.  In particular, make sure to replace the filters before you turn on the furnace for the first time this fall.  Otherwise, it could spew garbage out all the vents.

2 – Keep the furnace area free of foreign objects

During the offseason, it’s easy for workers to forget how dangerous the furnace can be and use nearby space for storage.  This is a bad habit to get into.  The furnace, of course, produces a lot of radiant heat, and that heat could damage or even combust nearby objects if the area isn’t kept clear.

Maintain a wide ‘no go’ radius around the furnace, where nothing is stored, to ensure safety.

3 – Periodically inspect the area around the furnace

Along with keeping the area free from obstruction, it’s a good idea for someone to periodically survey the area around your furnace for signs of problems.  In particular, if you see water (or other liquids) around the base or smell a “rotten egg” scent, that could mean it’s unsafe to use without repairs first.

4 – Have the ductwork cleaned thoroughly before use

It’s a good idea for businesses in Surrey to have a furnace and air duct cleaning at least once a year.  Plenty of debris will build up and settle in the ducts over the course of a year, even if the air isn’t moving.  That can cause a big mess when the furnace is turned on.

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