When Should You Have a Furnace Duct Cleaning in Surrey?

When Should You Have a Furnace Duct Cleaning in Surrey?

It’s easy to overlook the ducts in your strata or other residential property, but they shouldn’t be ignored.  Clean ducts make for clean air, and if the ducts become too dirty, they can start over-burdening the furnace.  They can potentially even be a fire hazard if flammable materials have built up inside.

That’s why every residential property in Surrey needs regular furnace duct cleaning.  There are various times this should be done; these are the most common.

Four Times You Need a Surrey Furnace Duct Cleaning

  • Before firing up the furnace in the winter
  • You should always have a full maintenance check-up done on your furnace before restarting it for the first time in the winter – and that should include a duct cleaning.  The ducts will have inevitably built up a layer of dust and debris and may have even become home to pests such as insects or rodents.  Firing up the furnace without cleaning the ducts could create a big mess when they spew garbage all over the property.

  • After any construction or renovation work
  • Even “light” renovation will kick up a lot of dirt and dust, and that will inevitably settle into the ductwork.  If the furnace was running while the renovation work happened, the air filter will likely be completely clogged as well.  Always have a thorough cleaning done after any such contracted work.

  • Before & after tenants move out
  • In situations where a tenant has a dedicated building or home, always clean the ducts in between tenants.  There’s no way of knowing what they might have been doing to create a mess in the ducts.

    This is particularly important if the previous resident had pets, or otherwise kept animals in the building.  The ducts will inevitably be full of hair, dander, and other animal byproducts.  Not only are these nasty, but they could be an allergy risk for the next tenant.

  • Mid-winter
  • It’s generally a good idea to have a duct cleaning midway through the winter months, just in case.  The constant airflow can cause clogs to build up, especially if there’s something sticky or obtrusive in the ducts that can catch debris.

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