Why You Need Furnace Maintenance & Duct Cleaning in Burnaby

Why You Need Furnace Maintenance & Duct Cleaning in Burnaby

When managing a property, it’s vital to ensure all your building’s facilities and systems are working properly – and that certainly goes for the furnace!  With winter coming, the occupants, tenants or owners, need to know they’ll have working heat.   This means furnace maintenance and upkeep should be a high priority.

However, what many don’t realize is that furnace maintenance, by itself, only goes so far.  For your HVAC system to work at peak efficiency, while providing the best heat output, you also need to add furnace duct cleaning to your to-do list.  Otherwise, you’re leaving the job half done.

Why Furnace Maintenance Alone Isn’t Enough to Maintain Your Heating System

When you hire a contractor to inspect and maintain your furnace, that’s all they’re going to focus on – the furnace itself.  They’ll perform actions such as:

  • Testing for gas and carbon monoxide leaks
  • Verifying proper airflow
  • Cleaning the filters and other critical areas
  • Checking for loose wires or other potential sources of shorts
  • Testing and verifying the thermostats

These are all necessary for the proper functioning of a furnace, but there’s still a big part of your HVAC system they won’t touch.  That’s the ductwork.  Without cleaning the ducts, your work maintaining the furnace might be wasted.

The Importance of Burnaby Air Duct Cleaning

The state of your air ducts will have a big impact on the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your furnace.  If your ducts are dirty and clogged, that’s going to inhibit airflow.  Besides reducing the amount of heat making it into your building, that will also increase strain on your furnace – potentially increasing your maintenance problems, not to mention energy costs.

Also, if the ducts are dirty, the dirt and debris aren’t going to stay in one place.  As the HVAC system blows air around, materials trapped in the ducts are going to get blown out into the building.  This can cause dirty rooms, allergy problems, and potentially even blow dangerous materials such as mold spores around the property.

For best heating in the fall/winter, you want a professional Burnaby furnace duct cleaning service to thoroughly clean out the ducts.  This protects your tenants, your property, and will reduce operational costs throughout the winter.

Get Duct Cleaning in Burnaby Today

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