Little Things That Can Affect Dryer Vent Safety

Little Things That Can Affect Dryer Vent Safety

When it is the question of safety, every little thing counts!

Extensively used at homes and even commercial set ups, dryers primarily are responsible for getting rid of moisture and excess water from washed clothes. To do so, the machine blows in hot air through clothes in the spinning drum, until the drying cycle is completed. However, for this process to take place in a safe manner, there are certain essentials we all should be aware of.

By now we all know that unhealthy dryer vents are highly responsible for a large number of structural fires, dryer machine breakdowns and even increase in utility bills due to inefficiency in operation. Therefore, to avoid any of the above instances and maintain safe operation, it is important to take care of the basics as well as little things that might go unnoticed and hamper dryer vent safety.

Based on safety guidelines and the best practices prescribed by reliable dryer vent cleaning Services Companies in Vancouver, here is the list of little things that should never be taken for granted.

The dryer vent outlet

Let’s begin with getting the installation stage right. As per local codes and specifications prescribed by the manufacturer the width of a dryer vent must be a minimum of 4” in diameter.

Correct dryer ducting

When it is time to replace the dryer duct, make sure to use rigid duct or corrugated semi-rigid metal duct to maintain safety. Use of plastic ones carry risk of fire hazards, as plastic is inflammable.

Clothes Soiled with Volatile Organic Compounds

In simple terms, it is important for all of us to pay close attention to stains on our clothes. In case they have been soiled due to gas, cooking oil or any other inflammable chemical it is wise to not put them in the dryer to avoid any kind of fire hazard.

Never put these in your dryer

Synthetic materials such as foam, plastic, rubber and spandex should never be put in the dryer.

Unattended drying sessions

Leaving an operating dryer unattended can be dangerous. It is highly recommended to never run a drying session when you are away from home. It also is wise to put the dryer off while you are sleeping.

Don’t overload

Running a drying cycle with loose lint traps can create pressure on the dryer. Similarly, it is not a good practice to overload it.

Other than this, to ensure proper safety and increased efficiency of dryers it is essential to clean the lint screen after every laundry load and get it inspected, cleaned and maintained by professionals on regular basis. 

However, for safe operation of the dryer make sure to keep the above mentioned safety tips in mind and do not forget to call us at MAS Duct Cleaning Services to professionally maintain health and hygiene of your residential or commercial dryers.