Local Vancouver Duct Cleaning Firm MAS Duct Cleaning Services Highlights 5 Signs of Air Duct Issues within Office Buildings

With the summer weather now creating hot conditions across Vancouver, many local area office building owners are considering the performance of their air duct system. One small issue could lead to challenging long-term maintenance problems if it’s not addressed by experts. To help clients prevent a duct issue before it impacts the building, the team at MAS Duct Cleaning Services in Vancouver takes a look at five signs of air duct issues within office buildings.

  1. Limited Cooling in Certain Rooms

When building visitors and employees notice that specific rooms remain warm despite the air conditioning being on full blast, this could be a clear sign there’s a blockage or another issue with the system. The problem could also be related to loose connections within the duct system preventing air reaching parts of the building.

  1. Distinct Odours Emanating from the Ducts

The ducts may be producing foul odours that impact the working environment. This problem is often may be related to compromised connections pulling in air from chemical storage areas or the like. The air may be pushed throughout the system causing the odour to permeate through various building areas.

  1. Rising Energy Costs

One of the clear signs that Vancouver building owners require air duct cleaning services is rising energy costs. When bills are rising in price from month-to-month, the culprit is often an inefficient air conditioning system. Sometimes, the problem is related to dust within the system clogging various parts of the air infrastructure. The system then has to work harder to push air through the dust and other system contaminants, thereby requiring more energy to operate.

  1. Dusty Work Environment

Another of the leading signs that an air conditioning system isn’t working to peak performance is that there is a significant amount of dust within the work environment even with regular cleaning. The problem could be that dust and other contaminants remain in the system over a long period of time, causing the system to push dust out into the building. This can impact the health of workers and may require cleaning teams to work harder to maintain the business space.

  1. Noisy Ductwork

An office team requires a comfortable and quiet environment to complete their work. But when an air duct system begins to break down, it can become far noisier. The problem may be due to an a restricted or blocked air duct system but can also be related to loose nails, screws or construction debris. It’s important to work with a specialist Vancouver air duct cleaning firm to assess this issue.

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