MAS Duct Cleaning Services Explains: Why Do Vancouver Commercial Property Owners Require Air Duct Cleaning?

The air duct cleaning process is a subject of much interest within the commercial marketplace. Business owners throughout the Vancouver region are now exploring air duct cleaning services and their unique advantages. To help clarify the benefits of the duct cleaning process, MAS Duct Cleaning Services will now pinpoint how the process can help organizations in the coming years.

Saving on Air Systems Repair

Air conditioning systems and furnaces require a clean air duct to push air throughout a building. In buildings where contaminants have clogged the duct systems and the components of the air conditioning unit and furnaces, these units must work harder to push air through. This leads to a number of maintenance issues. The air conditioning unit and furnace will break down more quickly due to being overworked, and the building will take a longer time to heat up and cool down, limiting comfort for work teams and visiting customers.

Supporting the Ideal Work Environment

When an air duct system becomes clogged and dirty over several months, the contaminants within the system can send dust and other elements into the rooms of the building. This can create a musty odour within the property and cause an uncomfortable working environment for in-house teams. Airborne contaminants can also impact employees and customers with allergies, causing potential health issues to occur within the building. After the air duct cleaning has been completed, Vancouver work teams can look forward to working in a comfortable environment without airborne contaminants.

Reducing Air Costs

Companies across the region spend thousands of dollars on heating and cooling each year. The cost to push air into buildings from HVAC systems is rising almost on a monthly basis, and companies must commit to energy cost reduction in order to mitigate future cost increases. Air duct cleaning can help Vancouver organizations achieve a significant savings on their air use costs. The process helps move the contaminants from the system and ensures that systems aren’t overworked and pushing more air through than necessary to try to reach the optimal room temperature.

Limiting Airborne Illnesses

The latest data shows that 50% of illnesses across the country are linked to polluted indoor air. Building owners can limit their teams’ number of sick days each year by ensuring that clean air is distributed through their air duct system. The cleaning process removes a range of allergens and contaminants that might otherwise lead to widespread illness.

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