5 Tips for Selecting a Professional Vancouver Air Duct Cleaning Company

It can be difficult, without the requisite industry knowledge, to establish whether a particular company offers quality of service and a trustworthy reputation in the marketplace. And a mistake in selecting a home air duct cleaning company can cost Vancouver homeowners thousands of dollars. This means that homeowners must review the best practices for selecting a duct cleaning specialist. Here, the experts at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Ltd. highlight 5 tips for selecting a professional air duct cleaning company.

#1 Select a Company that Follows NADCA Training Standards

It’s imperative that the Vancouver air duct cleaning company chosen is an active member of the NACDA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) community. This organization helps regulate the air duct cleaning industry and ensures that member companies implement annual training strategies for their employees.

#2 Research the Company’s Service History Online

It’s easy to find a company’s professional information online via a quick Google search. By researching the company’s history online, Vancouver homeowners may find information about the company’s service levels and discover how their previous customers rate their services.

#3 Find a Company that Offers Flexible Pricing

Most air duct cleaning companies will have a basic fee for their work. But some will be able to adjust their fees based on the type of cleaning required and the additional services provided. Homeowners should contact local companies and find out if they offer any discounts on additional services as part of their work. Oftentimes, large savings can be made by simply speaking with a company representative and explaining the requirements of the cleaning job.

#4 Determine What Type of Chemicals the Company Uses

For those with pets or small children within the home, it’s especially important to find a company that utilizes environmentally-friendly products as part of their work. Company representatives should be able to provide a list of the safety measures that their technicians take to ensure that any products used don’t negatively affect those within the home. Homeowners can then review specific chemicals online to analyze potential dangers.

#5 Determine the Timeframe for the Work

Oftentimes, duct cleaning work is completed on an emergency basis, in order to improve airflow within the home, particularly during especially cool or warm weather. And so, it’s important for homeowners to review which companies can meet their needs in terms of short response times. Contacting the company directly is the best way to find out how fast and efficient they are in responding to customer enquiries.

By selecting qualified, highly trained professionals for their air duct cleaning requirements, Vancouver homeowners can quickly recover from air duct problems in their home. To learn more on the company selection process, contact the team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Ltd. today.