Three Reasons Vancouver Homeowners Must Ensure Effective Cleaning of Dryer Vent and Duct Areas

Three Reasons Vancouver Homeowners Must Ensure Effective Cleaning of Dryer Vent and Duct Areas

Every property owner understands the importance of home maintenance. But there are some areas of the modern property that go un-analyzed during the regular cleaning regimen. One particular area is the dry vent. This vent system is designed to prevent lint build-up within the dryer area and vent out warm air safely to prevent system blockages. But over several years, without effective cleaning, the dryer vent can easily become blocked by dust and other contaminants.

Here are three reasons to ensure effective cleaning of a home dryer vent system:

  1. Dryer Vent Cleaning Prevents Fire Hazards

The home dryer system is one of the leading causes of residential fires in Canada. When lint and other forms of fabric become lodged in the dryer system, they prevent optimal venting of the dryer. When combined with the heat produced by the dryer during drying operations, this fabric can cause a fire within the home. Sadly, most homeowners don’t notice signs of the problem until it’s too late. It’s important to review lint traps and complete professional dryer vent cleaning on a regular basis to ensure thorough home system safety.

  1. Dryer Vent Cleaning Increases Dryer Efficiency

Another of the leading reasons homeowners must consider professional dryer vent cleaning is that it can help improve system performance. Over time, a system loses its ability to function efficiently relative to the level of energy it takes to run the dryer. When inspecting their systems for efficiency issues, homeowners will notice that clothes are not completely dried during a full cycle. They may also notice that their electrical bills are far higher from one month to the next. These signs point to a critical problem within the air dryer vent, which must be reviewed as soon as possible to ensure efficiency.

  1. Drying Vent Cleaning Helps Maintain the Dryer System

Home dryers can be exceptionally expensive to purchase. But without optimal maintenance, Vancouver homeowners might have to purchase a new system every few years. This can be particularly difficult for those with little budget for additional expenditures. By committing to effective dryer vent cleaning, homeowners can help preserve their system and prevent the build-up of pollutants that can clog their system and degrade inner components. A simple, professional cleaning completed on an annual basis can help save thousands of dollars on new system costs.

Homeowners must be acutely aware of the dangers faced by not maintaining their dryer systems. Watching for the signs of home dryer problems can help make great savings and protect families against potential fire hazards. To learn more on the advantages offered by professional dryer vent cleaning, contact the expert team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Ltd. today.