Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Outlines Three Steps for Crafting a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Strategy

A restaurant’s kitchen exhaust is an area that is critical to optimal kitchen performance. Within a kitchen’s exhaust ducts, hoods and fans, grease can quickly gather during regular kitchen operations. This grease can then form a hidden fire hazard and a significant danger to both employees and customers within the establishment. It’s the reason that strict regulations are now in place governing the maintenance of kitchen exhaust cleaning work.  Commercial cleaning experts serving the Vancouver and Lower Mainland marketplace, Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning will outline three important steps within an effective commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning strategy.

  1. Selecting an NFPA 96 Standards Expert

The NFPA (National Fire Prevention Agency) 96 standards set the structure for effective commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning within Canadian businesses. It’s important that companies across Vancouver find a specialist that is committed to maintaining these standards, and has experience in implementing strategies based on the standards. Only the leading commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning companies serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland will be able to complete the maintenance work with the required attention to detail and technical understanding.

  1. Developing a Comprehensive Plan alongside a Specialist

Once a specialist cleaning company has been selected, building owners must work with the organization to devise a plan that is suitable for the size of the company, their building and their long-term maintenance requirements. For example, larger restaurants in which a high volume of cooking is completed daily may require monthly service work. Kitchens in churches and seniors centers may only require professional review annually.

The plan will be determined once that company has had the opportunity to inspect the restaurant’s kitchen areas and to analyze the potential level of cleaning required over a set time period. The company’s technical staff will utilize their understanding of the NFPA standards to help the business owner achieve compliance and ensure the safety of their team members against potential fire hazards.

  1. Enduring Monitoring and Maintenance

Because of the potential dangers caused by grease build-up within kitchen exhaust areas, kitchen owners must employ a long-term monitoring strategy to ensure that any issues are met with professional service and qualified advice in the future.

The use of alarms and other forms of kitchen systems monitoring equipment will be critical in the formation of this strategy. The leading commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning companies serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland can help guide restaurant owners on the ideal monitoring equipment for their building’s long-term requirements. The use of a three step strategy (Inspection of entire system, regular quality cleaning and a clearly detailed follow up report) is critical to the function, maintenance and SAFETY of a Kitchens’ grease exhaust system. Leading commercial kitchen exhaust companies will help implement this type of a plan to help ensure your kitchen exhaust continues to operate in an efficient, clean and SAFE manner.

Understanding the ideal strategies for commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning work can help business owners reduce their costs and ensure the complete safety of those working within their facilities and those visiting the premises. To discuss your business cleaning requirements with an expert, contact the trusted team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning directly via 604-589-2553 or visit www.masduct.com.