Michael A. Smith Outlines the Three Business Advantages of a Professional Commercial Dryer Duct Cleaning Schedule

Whether the company is a laundry facility, a pet store or a medical clinic, it depends on the operation of its dryer ducts to ensure optimal clothes drying performance. But many growing companies across Vancouver are losing money, as their dryer systems become less efficient over time. With energy costs rising incrementally, there has never been a better time than the present to begin tackling this important area of building energy management. Within this article, the experts at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning outline the three main business advantages Vancouver companies can achieve by implementing a professional commercial dryer duct cleaning schedule.

  1. Reduced Drying Costs

In busy laundry facilities operating hundreds of dryers throughout the day, operating costs are rising on a regular basis as a result of growing utility prices. It’s important for such companies to consider how blockages within their dryer ducts are costing them more money each month. Small blockages from lint, hair and other materials slowly build up within the duct, blocking air-flow from the dryer. This means that dryers must work harder and use more energy each time they’re used. By simply cleaning their dryer ducts on a routine basis to maintain their dryer ducts in clean and clear condition, companies can significantly lower their operating costs over time.

  1. Improved Fire Safety

One of the leading causes of building fires is the failure to maintain and clean dryer ducts. The build-up within the dryer duct can cause the dryer to run at a higher temperature. As the temperature within the system rises, the potential for materials within the dryer system to catch fire increases, also. By working with a professional commercial dryer duct cleaning specialist serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, companies can mitigate this type of potential fire safety risk within their facility. Dryer duct cleaning experts can help examine systems and carry out comprehensive dryer duct cleaning work to ensure the highest levels of facility safety.

  1. Reduced Systems Maintenance

Businesses across Vancouver spend thousands of dollars per year repairing their dryer systems. These costs can be reduced by simply undergoing dryer duct cleaning on an annual basis through a trusted specialist. Through comprehensive commercial dryer duct cleaning and inspection work, experts serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland can remove blockages within the company’s dryer ducts and locate problem areas before they become expensive repairs. It’s a commitment that will ensure dryer systems run optimally between routine annual duct cleaning cycles, leading to reduced repair bills and a higher level of drying efficiency.

The team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning has the proven experience and the expertise to respond to a broad range of dryer duct cleaning challenges. Contact their office team today at 604-589-2553 or visit www.masduct.com to book your business’s next dryer duct cleaning. It’s a step that could help to promote the safety and success of your business in the long-term.