Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning’s Complete HVAC Duct Cleaning Checklist

At the beginning of a HVAC duct cleaning project for a Strata building, property owners must understand the processes that their cleaning company will undertake. Not only will this understanding help with streamlining the cleaning project but, it will also showcase the quality of the cleaning company in ensuring that all work is completed to the very highest of marketplace standards. In this article, we’ll take a look at the complete HVAC duct cleaning checklist that each project must include.

Qualified Cleaning Specialist

The most important element of the project is the team completing the work. Building owners must ensure they select a NACDA-qualified specialist with special certification for HVAC duct cleaning work. When serving clients across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, the HVAC duct cleaning company must be able to draw upon years of experience and a history of successful cleaning projects.


As part of their work, the duct cleaning team must complete project drawings and specifications for the property. Required project documentation might also include indoor air quality assessments for the property and environment reports detailing previous analysis from work within the building. This then provides the contractor with the foundation for crafting effective duct cleaning strategies.

Scope of the Work

The minimum requirement for the completion of any HVAC duct cleaning project is the NACDA standard for cleanliness. To ensure that work is completed to the highest of marketplace standards, companies must take on a meticulously planned working process. This process begins with HVAC component inspections, and site evaluations. It also includes the testing of the air ducts according to the latest NACDA standards. As part of their cleaning work, the company must clean all air handling units, components, condensate collectors and drains. They must clean all the coils and system components such as evaporator fins. And finally they must work to mechanically clean all areas of the duct system to remove visible contaminants.

Safety Considerations

Safety is a critical element within all duct cleaning projects. Companies serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland with HVAC duct cleaning services must have an safety procedures in-place for each of their projects and should also have a process for effective removal of debris from the building. This will then further ensure the safety of the building environment for tenants.

Visual Inspection & Final Reports

To finalize their duct cleaning process, company teams must complete a comprehensive visual inspection of the duct system. They must then document the entire process within a final project report, which will be made available to the property owner for review. This final report can then provide the basis for future cleaning projects and ensure the building’s HVAC systems are effectively cleaned of contaminants over the long-term.

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