Vancouver Air Duct Cleaning Specialists, Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Present: 5 Signs a Property’s Air Duct System Requires Cleaning

Most multifamily property owners spend their days managing the financial operations of the building. They often don’t have great experience in the technical analysis of building systems. And this could mean they’re missing crucial signs concerning the quality of the air within their building. To help ensure air quality issues can be quickly resolved through a professional Vancouver air duct cleaning specialist, the team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning is now highlighting five signs that a property’s duct system requires cleaning.

1. High Energy Bills
When a building’s air ducts become clogged with dust and other forms of environmental debris, it forces the ventilation system to work harder to overcome the blockages. This requires additional energy and means the property owner will likely see increased energy bills from their overworked air duct system. By turning to one of the many qualified air duct cleaning companies serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, building owners can significantly reduce their monthly energy expenditure.

2. Musty Odour Coming from Vents

Older and unclean air duct systems may begin to produce a musty odour over time. This odour could be a sign that dangerous mold or mildew is forming within the vent system. If mold spores are released into the air ducts, the building heating or air conditioning system may spread the spores throughout the property. This means that musty odours require an immediate response from an air duct cleaning specialist serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

3. Whistling Noises within the System
A noisy air duct system may indicate a larger problem that requires professional investigation. For example, a whistling noise could be related to a blockage at some point in the system. The blockage might be related to insulation issues or a broken filter. But it’s a problem that needs the immediate analysis of a professional to ensure optimal air duct performance over the long-term.

4. Limited Airflow to Specific Building Areas
Property owners also may find that their tenants are experiencing poor air flow within their homes. If the vents are fully opened and the air flow to one area of the building is still limited, this could be a sign there’s significant buildup within that area of the ducts.

5. Moisture Pooling Around Vents
During the summertime, property owners may find moisture pooling around their air duct vents as moist warm air cools. This could be a sign there’s an issue within the system’s insulation and so professional assistance will be required to analyze the air duct structure for potential problems.

By recognizing and acting appropriately to the signs highlighted within this article, Vancouver building owners can ensure their air duct system performs optimally for years to come! To learn more on effective air duct system analysis, contact the team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning directly via 604-589-2553 or visit their business website at