Professional Vancouver Furnace Duct Cleaning Services Have the Right Tools for The Job

Professional Vancouver Furnace Duct Cleaning Services Have the Right Tools for The Job

When managing a larger building, such as a high-rise or condo, there are a lot of areas of maintenance to keep in mind. 

One area that often gets overlooked are your furnace ducts and other air ducts around the building.  These elements of your building are “out of sight, out of mind” but allowing them to get too dirty can cause serious issues.  From reducing the effectiveness of your HVAC system to allowing allergens to spread via the ducts, it’s important to periodically bring in a Vancouver furnace duct cleaning service.

The key is to bring in a company that specializes in larger buildings.  A residential duct cleaning firm isn’t going to have the specialized high-powered tools needed to do effective duct cleaning in a high-rise.

For example…

Massive vacuums:  You need a lot of airflow to effectively clean ducts which are several stories up!  This generally requires a dedicated vacuum and/or air compressor so large that it needs to be mounted on a truck.  These devices need serious horsepower to run effectively – often 200HP or even more!

By comparison, a traditional vacuum rarely gets above 10HP.

Minimally invasive access tools:  A standard home duct system can usually be cleaned via the vents themselves, but that won’t work on a high-rise.  For larger duct systems, the duct cleaning company will need to drill very small holes – just big enough to fit cleaning tools in – while also being able to effectively plug those holes afterward.

Air whips:  Often, the gunk within a series of furnace air ducts will need to be knocked loose before it can be removed.  Professional Vancouver duct cleaning services have snaking devices called air whips, with multiple rubber strands that beat the duct walls at high speed.  This allows for a much more thorough cleaning job.

Long, powerful rotary brushes:  You can’t clean high-rise ducts with regular brushes either.  The job requires high-speed rotary brushes mounted on long poles which can reach deep into the duct system.  Otherwise, dirt and debris hiding well within the ducts will just get blown out once the HVAC system comes back online.

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Simply put, you need the right tools for the right job, and a residential duct cleaning service doesn’t have the tools to handle a high rise.  If your Vancouver building needs duct and air duct cleaning, MAS Duct Cleaning Services are your local specialists!