What Gets Cleaned When You Hire a Vancouver Furnace Duct Cleaning Service?

What Gets Cleaned When You Hire a Vancouver Furnace Duct Cleaning Service?

The ductwork in your home or building is vital for ensuring proper airflow across the property – but relatively few people know what’s actually in there.  Since nearly all the ductwork is hidden, most people don’t know all the parts and systems involved.  However, it’s important to keep your ductwork clean, and a good Vancouver furnace duct cleaning service needs to get into all those parts.

These are the basic parts of a duct system that should be regularly cleaned and inspected to keep your HVAC running at peak efficiency.

The Most Important Parts of a Furnace Duct System

1 – Pipes and Trunks

These are the main components of the system, which you probably think of when you hear “air ducts.”  They provide the path for hot or cold air to move around the building.  These are typically made out of aluminum, although the trunk directly attached to the furnace may be made of stainless steel for extra strength and heat resistance.

2 – Transitions

Pipes and trunks are straight pipes or rectangles, but they need to be hooked together.  So, your ductwork will have several transitions that handle bends and other changes in the ducts’ topography.  Hiring a Vancouver air duct cleaning service capable of finding and reaching the transition ducts is important since they can otherwise easily build up dirt, grime, and other contaminants.

3 – Flues

The flues, or chimneys, are the air vents that attach the ductwork to the outside air.  They’re used to vent waste gasses such as carbon monoxide which are generated by your furnace.  Obviously, keeping the flues clear of any obstructions is vital, since otherwise there could be dangerous gas buildup around the furnace.

4 – Air handler

This is the compartment that houses the main blower, or there may be several such compartments in a particularly large system.  This is also where the main air filter(s) can be found.  Keeping the filter clean is an important part of duct maintenance!

5 – Plenum

A plenum is basically a storage compartment for air.  An HVAC system will typically have at least two.  One will store hot/cooled air for distribution, and another will capture air returning to the furnace via circulation.

A great Vancouver duct cleaning operation knows how to reach and clean all these areas, keeping your HVAC system running smoothly – and without making a mess.  If it’s been too long since your Vancouver air ducts have been cleaned, contact MAS Duct Cleaning Services for an appointment!