Questions to Ask Your Burnaby Duct Cleaning Company

Duct cleaning is a regular element of maintenance at any commercial or rental property.  Unfortunately, it’s one which is often overlooked – since ducts are unobtrusive by nature – and with the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, a lot of companies have let maintenance issues like that slide.

However, if your business hasn’t had its regular duct cleaning yet, it’s high time to get it done!  Clean ducts will improve your energy efficiency, air quality, and reduce the chances of diseases of any type spreading through the HVAC system.  Finding the right Burnaby duct cleaning service is key.  Here are some of the most important questions to ask.

I.  Do you specialize in commercial HVAC systems?

The majority of duct cleaning services out there focus mostly, or entirely, on residential properties.  They often won’t have the expertise, talent, or tools necessary to clean ducts in an office building or other large-scale operation.  Of course, that might not stop them from taking the job anyway.

So be sure to verify they genuinely have experience cleaning a business of your type, to ensure you get the best results.

II. What professional certifications do you carry?

Any quality Burnaby duct cleaning service will be a member in good standing of at least one major industry trade organization, such as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).  Plus, of course, they need to have all the proper local licenses and certifications.  Don’t be shy about asking for their credentials!  You need to know you can trust them to behave professionally.

III.  Are you insured?

Never allow an un-insured company to work on your ducts or any other aspect of your business.  Without insurance, you could end up liable for any accidents that happen on-site, even if they were entirely the fault of the hired company.  Plus, if that company cannot get insurance, there’s probably a reason for it – a bad one.

IV.  How are you dealing with COVID-19?

There are numerous recommendations out there for how to safely do ductwork while reducing the spread of COVID-19.  For example, they’ll likely have more personal protective gear, and have strict rules about maintaining social distancing.  The specifics of their answer are less important than simply verifying that they genuinely have a plan for preventing the spread of disease.

MAS Duct Cleaning Services is your top choice for safe and effective duct cleaning in Burnaby.  Call us today for a quote.