The Many Benefits of Burnaby Air Duct Cleaning Services

As the manager of a commercial, rental, or strata property in Burnaby, there are numerous kinds of maintenance which must be maintained, if your property is to remain functioning properly.  Most of these are obvious, but one often goes overlooked – air duct cleaning.  It’s easy to forget about the importance of air ducts to the proper functioning of your operation, but if they are allowed to become dirty and clogged, they will cause numerous problems across the property.

If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned recently, there are plenty of reasons to hire a professional Burnaby air duct cleaning service.  These are just a few of the most important reasons.

Three Big Reasons to Hire Air Duct Cleaning Services in Burnaby

1 – Protect people from health threats

Unclean ducts are a breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria, and other biological agents that can harm the people using your building.  They also frequently become home to roaches, rats, and other vermin whose waste is similarly dangerous.  Once this happens, every time your HVAC system activates, these dangerous products are spread across the entire building.

Having your ducts cleaned regularly will result in significantly better air quality, and fewer health problems.

2 – Keep your building cleaner

Of course, it’s not just the people in your property who will be affected by dirty ducts – so will everything else.  Dirty ducts will spread dirt and dust throughout the building, causing rooms to get dusty more quickly, and forcing your cleaning staff to put in extra effort undoing the damage.

3 – Improve your HVAC efficiency 

The logic here is simple: the more clogged your air ducts are, the harder your HVAC system has to work to pump air through the building.  In worst-case scenarios, the ducts could be so clogged that the system can’t pump air throughout, but it will keep trying.  This results in large amounts of wasted energy, as well as extra strain on the HVAC system which will cause more maintenance problems down the line.

Most of the time, Burnaby air duct cleaning services will more than pay for themselves by lowering your electric bills and maintenance costs.

MAS Duct Cleaning Service Is Still Operating

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re still open for business – although we have instituted new safety procedures to protect you, and ourselves, from possible infection.  If you’re overdue for a duct cleaning, don’t wait.  Contact us for an appointment.