Strata HVAC, Hallway Pressurization, And Duct Cleaning Services in Vancouver

MAS Duct Cleaning Services are your experts for HVAC and duct cleaning across commercial properties.  Unlike homeowner-focused duct cleaning companies, we have the experience and the expertise to handle even the largest strata or commercial properties in the greater Vancouver area.  This makes us the go-to when you need full-service HVAC, duct, and hallway pressurization cleaning.

What makes MAS different?

  • Extensive Experience

We were founded in 1998 for the specific purpose of providing highly skilled cleaning and maintenance services to commercial properties, and in that time, we have grown to be one of the most trusted duct cleaning providers in the area.  We’ve worked on a wide variety of buildings, and have a team focused on providing you with complete solutions to your needs.

  • Hallway Pressurization Systems Knowledge

Another benefit of our strata specialization is that we are knowledgeable about hallway pressurization and other advanced ventilation systems which are only seen in larger complexes.  When you hire MAS Duct to handle your cleaning services, we’ll be able to take care of every duct system on your property, even hallway pressurization systems.

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Included

Along with cleaning your ducts and HVAC machinery, we can also take care of your dryer vents and ducts.  Dryer rooms can frequently be overlooked for regular cleaning, despite their tendency to build up material that can easily catch fire.  Cleaning your dryer vents and ducts regularly will reduce wear and tear, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the chances of a disastrous fire.

  • Flexible Around-The-Clock Scheduling

We go to work when you need the work done!  We know commercial properties can’t always handle the disruption of a major cleaning job during business hours, so we’re willing and able to schedule weekend or after-hours work if that’s what your business calls for.  We’re here to work around your needs and schedule.

  • Multi-Unit Discounts

It saves us time and money to do several jobs at the same location – and we’re happy to pass those savings on to you.  If you need duct or HVAC cleaning in several units at once, contact us to arrange for an appropriate discount.

For Top Quality Duct Cleaning Services in Vancouver, Call MAS Duct

We have the experience, the tools, and the highly trained staff necessary to meet the duct and vent cleaning needs of any Vancouver strata property, regardless of size.  Contact us directly to discuss scheduling regular service.