Vancouver Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Prevent Dangerous Situations

Anyone who owns a condo development or other strata property understands the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance and duct cleaning – but they often overlook their dryer room.  Dryer vents and ducts can build up dirt and residue even more quickly than HVAC systems but often go with little or no maintenance for months or even years.

This isn’t just bad for your dryers and power bills, it’s actively dangerous.  Strata property owners in Vancouver should look into hiring dryer vent cleaning services to protect themselves, their investment, and their residents.

Why You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Vancouver

1. Preventing lint buildup

The biggest danger from uncleaned dryer vents comes from the buildup of lint over time.  Lint is extremely flammable, and property fires stemming from ignited lint happen with frequency across North America.  They cause hundreds of injuries a year even in single-unit residential properties and can be all the more disastrous in a major strata property.

Also, when you have lint clogging up the dryer vent, that’s going to make the dryer work harder to push the air through.  Harder work leads to the dryer heating up further, adding to the danger that a fire might start.

2. Carbon monoxide buildup

Dryer units can also produce substantial amounts of carbon monoxide (CO) while in operation.  Normally, this isn’t an issue – the CO just passes through the vents and into the outside air.  However, if the vents are clogged, the dryer room can start to see a dangerous buildup of CO – potentially poisoning anyone who comes in.

This is a rare situation, as it requires the ducts to be almost entirely clogged, but we have seen such clogs in the past.

3. Save money

Beyond the health and safety factors, there’s also the simple fact that well-maintained dryers and vents are going to be more energy-efficient.  When your dryers struggle to run, they’ll be drawing a lot more current.  In addition, they’ll also take longer to dry clothes, potentially wasting the time (and money) of your staff or residents.

Often, regular dryer vent cleaning pays through itself through cost savings!

MAS Duct Is Your Go-To Duct and Vent Cleaning Solution

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