The Cheapest Price Isn’t the Best Price When Getting an Air Duct Cleaning in Surrey

Any homeowner should be aware that the air ducts in their home will need to be cleaned, on average, every 2-3 years.  Even if the filters on their air conditioner and furnace are regularly serviced and replace, dirt and other debris will still build up in the ducts over time.  Eventually, this can result in debris being blown into rooms, making them dirtier and potentially even spreading harmful contaminants such as mold spores.

Getting an air duct cleaning in Surrey isn’t exactly cheap, but it is necessary.  Unfortunately, this has led to predatory companies offering cut-rate price quotes which are truly too good to be true.  If an air duct cleaning services company is naming a price which is below anyone else – particularly if it’s less than $100 – you have a right to wonder how or why.

Why You Need to Be Price-Smart When Hiring for An Air Duct Cleaning in Surrey

The truth is, cleaning all the air ducts in a house will take hours, possibly most of a day, and it requires specialized tools and cleaning agents.  It’s simply not an easy or cheap job.  So, if a person made the mistake of hiring one of these under-cut companies, a few different things could happen… and none of them are good.

1. A shoddy job

Probably the best-case scenario is that the contractor effectively pretends to do a full furnace duct cleaning but doesn’t do a thorough job.  They might – for example – only clean around the inlets and outlets while ignoring all the deeper ducts that are hard to get to.  In this case, you’ll be wasting money.

2. Pushy upsells

More likely, the culprit company never intended to actually do the work at the named price.  They want to get into your home, dismantle parts of your HVAC system, expose your ducts, and then start demanding more money.  At that point, with your air conditioning in pieces, you’d have few options.

3. “Casing the joint”

In a worst-case scenario, a scam company could be a front for burglars.  They pretend to clean your ducts while documenting your home, its security, and your possessions.  Then you’re robbed a few days or weeks later.

Get Quality Air Duct Cleaning in Surrey Today

The moral of the story as always is to check references and testimonials to establish a trust with who you will allow in your home. When you need air duct cleaning services in Surrey, you want reputable professionals you can trust – like the pros at MAS Duct Cleaning ServicesContact us for a price quote.