What Happens When You Hire A Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Surrey

If you own a home or rent your house long-term, you should be aware that your air ducts will need periodic cleaning.  Depending on how much dirt and debris is in the local atmosphere, and how well the filters on your heater and air conditioner are maintained, this might need to happen every 1-3 years.  Fortunately, it’s easy and relatively affordable to receive an air duct cleaning in Surrey from trained professionals.

However, have you wondered how it is that air duct cleaning services are actually able to clean those ducts? They snake equipment through your home vents that are generally inaccessible, how?  There are several tricks of the trade that make this possible!

Tools Utilized When Performing A Professional Furnace Duct Cleaning

The biggest and most important tool we use is a truck carrying, basically, a gigantic vacuum.  Backed by an incredibly powerful engine, this can create enough suction to pull debris from anywhere in your ductwork – even deep in the middle of your home, where no one would be able to reach the duct directly.  All our technicians need to do is hook up the nozzle to your ducts, and the machine does the work.

In rare cases, it might be necessary to reverse the airflow and blow instead of vacuuming.  However, the principle is the same.

Also, we don’t merely clean your ducts – we also sanitize them! Microbial contamination such as mold and mildew won’t necessarily be sucked out by the vacuum.  So, we use large foggers which are very similar to “bug bombs” sometimes used in pest control.  These foggers pour antimicrobial substances into your ducts, and our vacuum engine blows the fog throughout your ductwork.

This ensures that the cleaning agents get into every nook and cranny of your ducts, eliminating any biological threats which might be growing in them.  These bombs will also take care of any unwanted insects such as roaches or flies, as well.

Hire Professionals When You Need an Air Duct Cleaning in Surrey!

Be wary of people offering cut rates on furnace duct cleaning services.  As you can see, these jobs are specialized and require some expensive heavy equipment to pull it off.  You always want to hire truly dedicated professionals to handle your air duct cleaning, to ensure the job is done properly the first time.

So next time your ducts need cleaning, be sure to call MAS Duct Cleaning Services for top-quality results in Surrey!