The Elements of an Effective Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Strategy for Vancouver Businesses

To maintain the safety of their restaurant kitchens, Vancouverrestaurant business owners must be able to deploy an effective commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning strategy. The strategy deployed should include a number of important elements, and in this article, the trusted team at cleaning experts Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning will highlight the elements of a commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning strategy.

An Understanding of the Latest Cleaning Guidelines

To build their commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning strategy effectively, Vancouver business owners must have a clear understanding on the latest grease cleaning guidelines set by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). According to these standards, companies must commit to cleaning their kitchen exhausts on a set schedule, depending on the volume of their cooking and the type of facility they run. These guidelines must be discussed in great detail with the cleaning company, as they’ll form the foundation for the cleaning strategy.

An Inspection Process

The inspection process will form a fundamental part of the cleaning strategy. Teams must have a process through which they review all areas of the kitchen as well as the venting areas in the roof of the building to analyze grease build-up levels. By building an inspection process that includes several team members, restaurant managers can then ensure their systems are cleaned according to the levels of grease within the systems.

A Documentation Process

Throughout commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning work, Vancouver restaurant managers must be actively documenting each element of the process and highlighting any changes they might have noticed within their systems. This level of documentation can help cleaning specialists to quickly diagnose and resolve potential kitchen systems issues during their work. It can also give teams a resource through which to check which areas have been cleaned and how long ago the cleaning took place.

Partnership with a Trained Cleaning Firm

The cleaning firm chosen for the commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning work must be a company whose employees are trained according to the latest industry standards. The company’s team must be able to clean smaller components of the kitchen exhaust system and have experience within kitchens across the Vancouver marketplace. They must also be able operate on tight cleaning schedules, ensuring that exhaust cleaning is completed according to the restaurant’s requirements. This means restaurant owners must create a cleaning schedule alongside their specialist-cleaning firm before committing to any service contract.

By utilizing the important elements highlighted in this article, restaurant owners can ensure their entire facility is protected against fire hazards for the long-term. To learn more on this topic, speak with the trusted team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning directly at604-589-2553 or visit their business website at