Vancouver-based Michael A. Smith Highlights the Safety Concerns During Commercial HVAC Cleaning Projects

An organization’s HVAC system requires comprehensive cleaning on a regular basis to ensure contaminants such as dust and other allergens are not spread throughout the building through the property’s duct system. To mitigate this issue, property owners must work with trusted commercial HVAC systems cleaning professionals. In this article, the team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning in Vancouver look at the safety concerns inherent within commercial HVAC cleaning projects.

Occupant Safety

It’s critical that businesses ensure their staff and customers are protected during HVAC cleaning work. It’s why the vast majority choose to complete the work while their business is closed so that nobody enters the facility during the cleaning. In completing the cleaning of HVAC components, teams must be careful to minimize the impact on the structure of the systems. It’s the reason why it’s important to work only with NACDA-qualified commercial cleaning companies when selecting a Vancouver specialist.

Debris Containment

When removing dust and other contaminants from a commercial property, companies must deploy effective debris containment strategies. This might mean separating the cleaning area completely from the other spaces within the property, or it could involve immediately moving the debris from the property to an outside secured container. This containment strategy will be highlighted by the HVAC cleaning team before their work begins to provide assurance to the building owner.

Building Controls

In working within a building and completing comprehensive commercial cleaning work, Vancouver companies must deploy effective controls to ensure their work is completed effectively. These controls will include analysis on managing fire alarms and smoke detectors during the cleaning work, as these alarms can be triggered by the latest commercial cleaning technology and the spread of dust throughout a containment area. The cleaning team will discuss the optimal strategy for maintaining effective building controls with the owner as part of their pre-work plan.

Verification of Cleaning Levels

Another important consideration within any commercial cleaning project is the final analysis of the cleanliness levels within the HVAC system. Companies now harness sophisticated technology to determine whether cleanliness levels reach the required standards to ensure both value for money for the building owner and to protect their employees and customers for the long-term. The methods for verification of cleanliness can include a range of inspection apparatus, from visual inspections in which team members use their experience to ensure all surfaces are free of contaminants to NACDA vacuum tests, which work to ensure that surfaces are free of remaining contaminant particles.

Through a vigilant approach to work safety, Vancouver commercial cleaning teams can complete their HVAC maintenance work with the utmost precision. To discover more on the safety considerations involved in working projects, speak with the team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning at 604-589-2553 or visit their business website at