Vancouver-based Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Answers Three Common Questions on Commercial Dryer Duct Cleaning

For companies with large in-house laundry facilities, it’s imperative that dryer duct cleaning is completed according to the latest regulatory standards. Vancouver commercial firms that fail to commit resources to commercial dry duct cleaning will see an increase in their energy bills and will experience limited performance from their dryer equipment. The experts at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning have many years’ experience within the commercial dryer duct cleaning market, and within this latest article they answer three common questions on the dryer duct cleaning process.

  1. We Clear the Lint Traps Regularly, Why Does My Company Need Commercial Dryer Duct Cleaning?

Many people believe that because they have on-site workers clean the dryer vents within their systems on a regular basis, they don’t require commercial services experts. This misconception is highly dangerous. Only about 70% of the lint within the average dry system is trapped within the lint traps. The other 30% is then blown throughout the dry vent system, clogging the ducts and preventing optimal airflow throughout the building over time. The data shows that between 2010 and 2012, clothes dryers were responsible for over 6,000 fires across the U.S. And studies show that failure to remove lint buildup within the system is the number one cause of dryer fires across the country. By taking a cautious approach and employing the services of commercial dry vent cleaning services, Vancouver businesses can protect their employees and company infrastructure.

  1. Why Do We Need to Clean if We Just Had New Dryers Installed?

One of the most common misconceptions on dryer systems performance is that, because the dryer system is new, duct cleaning services are not required. In fact, the period immediately after having new dryers installed is the ideal time to undergo dryer duct cleaning through a professional commercial specialist in Vancouver. That’s because the company will not be able to achieve full value for money within their system if there is a build-up within the dryer ducts. Failing to remove this build up will lead to the new dryer running inefficiently, despite the cutting-edge technology involved in its design.

  1. Doesn’t the Dryer Vent Push the Lint Build-Up Outside the Property?

It’s important to understand the performance of dryer systems and dryer ducts to achieve full efficiency from the systems. Many people believe that the lint that doesn’t get trapped in their lint trap is expelled outside the property. However, dryer lint is produced during every normal drying cycle”and, dryer lint enters the dryer duct (even past a clean dryer unit lint trap).

Dryer lint builds up within the duct lines to block and restrict the dryer duct over time, requiring specialist reverse snakes, whips, nozzles, rods and other specialty ancillary air-washing equipment, powered by hi-pressure air compressors, for removal.

Without removing this lint, companies will lose air flow within their system, causing significant increases in energy expenditure over time.

It’s also important to understand that dryer ducts and exterior vent screens” must be maintained in clean and clear condition to ensure that each “dryer exhaust duct” can vent correctly and safely out to atmosphere.

Over time, the dryer lint accumulates “on exterior screens or between the narrow vent fins” to “cover then block” the backside / inside of the “exterior dryer vent”.

When the “exterior dryer vent becomes blocked”, the “dryer exhaust duct” cannot vent correctly to atmosphere and, the entire duct run becomes restricted or blocked. A blocked or restricted dryer duct cannot vent all of the hot moist air and dryer lint to atmosphere. This condition often leads to condensation and water accumulation in the dryer duct, and water can eventually leak into the Residence from the ceiling duct.

Moisture or accumulated water in dryer ducts can promote mold growth.

Dryer duct restrictions and accumulated dryer lint “in dryer ducts” and “dryer units” can cause “dryer units to run longer and hotter and lead to the development of potential fire hazards.

Commercial dryer duct cleaning can help Vancouver business owners reduce their costs and improve the safety of the working environment for their teams. To learn more on the benefits of dryer duct cleaning, contact the trusted market experts at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning directly at 604-589-2553 or visit their business website at