Vancouver-based Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Explains HowDuct Cleaning Improves Air Quality

A clean home can provide property owners with the ideal environment in which to raise their family. But it’s often the invisible elements around the home that can cause the most damage to a person’s health. Allergens and other contaminants within a strata property’s air supply system can make their way into the individual units across the building. And this can have a significant impact on those living their lives within the area. In this latest article, the team at Vancouver-based Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Ltd. will highlight how duct cleaning can help to improve air quality.

A Look at How the Air Ducts Work

The air ducts within a building are designed to move warm and cool air around to keep families comfortable within their living environments. As the return air vent draws air from each area of the building to circulate it back into the furnace or air conditioner, it also draws in contaminants from within the living space. These contaminants could include pet dander, hair dust, allergens and other elements. And these elements can cause significant health challenges for those that are prone to breathing difficulties, as well as children and older adults.

How Duct Cleaning Helps Resolve the Issue

The duct cleaning process has been shown to help eliminate many of these most common contaminants from large properties. When duct cleaning is properly completed by trained Vancouverprofessionals following the latest NACDA standards, homeowners will often see a number of foreign objects (such as socks, toys etc.) in addition to the contaminants, extracted from their ducts. During the cleaning process, the team will connect modern, powerful suction / vacuum extraction equipment to the furnace and the system and ductwork throughout the property is placed under a “strong negative-air-vacuum” and each branch duct and main duct is isolated and professionally cleaned.

They ensure that all contaminants and debris are dislodged from duct walls and “forced through and out of” the main ducts using “Scorpion air-whips and reverse snake – air washing equipment” supplied by powerful “hi-pressure +200psi air” compressors.

During the cleaning work a “powerful negative air / vacuum suction” is constantly maintained within the HVAC system ductwork and all dust and debris is “forced through and out of” the ductwork and “directed through the ductwork and connection hose” (and out of the building) into the – filter bags and sealed collection bin” of the vacuum / extraction unit.

They will also clean the coils and other components of the HVAC system to achieve optimum desired cleaning results.

Building Owners Receive a Healthy Environment and an Efficient System for the Long-Term

Vancouver building owners will experience lasting benefits from the duct cleaning process, both in terms of improved indoor air quality within the property and in the energy savings they’re able to make by running a cleaner and more efficiency air supply throughout the building. Dust and other contaminants will be removed and families in the building will have a clean environment in which to raise their children.

By carefully analyzing the benefits of the duct cleaning process, building owners can see how the process can impact their property and improve the living experience for residents. To learn more, contact the team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning directly at 604-589-2553 or visit their business website at