Vancouver Dryer Duct Cleaning: Do It the Right Way

No matter how big or small, if you operate a clothes dryer you will need to perform periodic dyer duct cleaning in Vancouver to ensure it continues working properly.  A dryer with a vent that has become clogged with lint and other debris isn’t simply going to be more inefficient, it’s a genuine fire hazard that endangers your property.

As a rule, your dryer ducts should be cleaned out at least once a year – and potentially more, if your dryer does heavy-duty work.  Here are some tips to ensure it’s done right.

Four Suggestions for Proper Vancouver Dryer Duct Cleaning

1 – A vacuum alone can’t do the job.

A vacuum is a fine place to start with duct cleaning, but it won’t get everything.  It’s easy for slightly-damp lint to stick to the vent walls, then become “glued” in place after they dry out.  As lint accumulates, it then becomes easier for more lint and debris to become stuck in that spot.  These problem areas can be totally resistant to typical vacuum cleaners.

Products such as a LintEater are recommended.  These are rotary devices designed to hit every side of a dryer vent and knock all the lint lose.

2 – Always use protective equipment.

A dryer vent which has gone uncleaned for a while could easily be home to a variety of microbial or fungal life that’s dangerous to humans.  Utilize gloves, eye protection, and a breathing mask to ensure the job is done safely.

3 – Don’t forget to check the outside vent cover.

Even if you get the dryer’s lint-catcher and the interior vent, you still have one more place to clean: the outside vent cover.  Lint can easily build up here, potentially to the point of preventing the cover from opening and closing.  Be certain to thoroughly clean here. this is another area that’s a haven for harmful microorganisms.

4 – Consider A Commercial Vancouver Duct Cleaning Service

No one can do a dryer duct cleaning job as thoroughly as professionals, particularly when they have tools and equipment designed to handle heavy-duty jobs.  Commercial properties can benefit greatly from a regularly scheduled service.  It keeps their dryers running at peak efficiency, preventing fire hazards while decreasing energy usage.  Plus, there’s no need for you to invest in specialized cleaning equipment.

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