Vancouver Duct Cleaning Improves Your Health. We Tell You How

Few elements of our daily lives are so ubiquitous – or so overlooked – as the ducts that constantly run over our heads.  At home, at work, in shopping centers and restaurants, ductwork is everywhere and constantly providing airflow to the buildings we’re in.

This makes it easy to forget the importance of regular duct cleaning in Vancouver.  Since ducts carry the air we breathe, that means the ducts dictate what else is in that air.  If the ducts are dirty, polluted, or contaminated, so too is every breath being taken by everyone in the building.

Proper HVAC duct cleaning in Vancouver isn’t just a good idea for the sake of aesthetics.  It can prevent literal health hazards!

How Duct Cleaning in Vancouver Helps Keep People Healthy

Simply put, it’s very easy for contaminants to gain a foothold in ducts.  Even though there’s near constant airflow, there will always be spots in the ductwork where the air doesn’t quite push all the material through.  Eventually, these spots become full of dust, lint, and other debris.  Then add in variable humidity, as tends to occur due to outdoor weather, or the simple changing of day to night.  Once the ducts get a bit damp, that’s it.  Mold, mildew and similar biological agents can begin to get a foothold.

At that point, the ducts have become a breeding ground for contaminants.  There are many forms of fungal and bacterial life which can thrive within a dirty duct, that they begin to spew out of the ducts and onto everything -and everyone- below them.  Many typical building molds and mildews are outright toxic, increasing the risk of health issues. If the ducts are dirty, people could be breathing in those toxins every day, without realizing it.  

Therefore, it’s vital to have ducts cleaned regularly.  A professional Vancouver duct cleaning service can scour every inch of the ducts within your building, cleaning and sterilizing them.  In most cases, this is the only reliable way to end infestations within the ductworks and ensure healthy airflow again.

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