Why It’s Best to Let the Pros Handle Your Dryer Vent Cleaning in Surrey

Plenty of areas on your property need to be cleaned… but few are as critical as your dryer vents.  It’s easy to overlook or entirely forget about dryer vents, which is a problem because they’re one of the most dangerous fire hazards that probably exists on your property.  When dryer vents become dirty and clogged with lint, they become genuine fire hazards – one of the most common causes of fires in homes and residential properties.

So, it’s critical to get a dryer vent cleaning in Surrey at least once a year.  Some people will try to say that this a job that you can do yourself, but it really is better to leave it to the pros as they can clean the furnace vents in the same visit.

Three Reasons It’s Worth Paying for Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Surrey

1. Years of experience

A professional dryer duct cleaning service has done hundreds, maybe thousands, of dryer vent cleanings.  It’s a basic service they know inside and out, which means they can do it quickly and efficiently.  An amateur, particularly a first-timer, is unlikely to do nearly as good a job.  When a dirty dryer vent can potentially ignite, you need assurances that it’s truly clean.

2. The right tools for the job

A dryer vent can’t be cleaned with the basic tools you’re likely to have lying around a home or office.  It requires special elongated cleaning brooms, and potentially high-powered blowers when talking about larger residential complexes.  These tools could potentially be purchased, but why spend money on something you’ll only use every year or two while having to store the rest of the time?

Professional dryer vent cleaning services in Surrey have all the tools needed to do the job right the first time.

3. You probably can’t access the exterior vent

The intake of your dryer vent is easy to reach – it’s directly connected to the dryer.  However, that’s only part of the system.  A proper dryer vent cleaning covers all the ductwork and the outside vent, which can also become clogged.  However, that outside vent is very likely hard to access, or even up on the roof where it would be dangerous to reach.

Again, this is something that should be handled by professionals for better, safer results.

Let Us Handle Your Dryer Duct Cleaning in Surrey

MAS Duct Cleaning Services has extensive experience cleaning dryer vents and similar systems in homes and residential properties across the BC lower mainland.  Don’t let a fire hazard go unaddressed – contact us for service instead!