Broken Booster Fans Oct 2023

Broken Booster Fans Oct 2023

This week was all about the broken fans and switches. These are just some of the ones I had to replace. Usually I don’t see as many completely broken dryer booster fans as these but this week was different.

Most of the time the fans are not as damaged as these and so they can be repaired.

Unfortunately these were left too long and couldn’t be repaired.

If your booster fan starts making a noise, stop using the fan immediately and call about getting it repaired. Doing so can prevent further damage and save you money.

These broken booster fans were also a significant fire risk. The fans were trying to spin but prevented from doing so. Thus getting exceptionally hot. Don’t take the risk. If your fan makes a lot of noise or even if it completely stops making noise. Contact us for a repair.

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