Regular Surrey Furnace Duct Cleaning Is a Must for Older Furnaces

Regular Surrey Furnace Duct Cleaning Is a Must for Older Furnaces

Regular Surrey Furnace Duct Cleaning Is a Must for Older Furnaces

A good home furnace can last for many years, probably decades. Unfortunately, as a furnace ages, it will start to develop problems which cause increasing issues for you to deal with. Some can even be a health hazard.

Past a point, replacing your furnace is the only option – but regular Surrey furnace duct cleanings can help mitigate these problems, and keep your furnace viable for longer. This can be a good way of adding a few years to your furnace’s life before you have to replace it.

The Problems Created by Older Surrey Furnaces

  • Respiratory issues

The older a furnace is, the dirtier it gets. It can often end up with a lot of dust trapped within the system, along with pollen and other allergens, and even mold and mildew spores. Keeping the furnace’s air filter clean can help reduce this, but over time, your furnace will always be somewhat dirty.

These materials then get sent throughout the ductwork, becoming trapped within the ducts, or else spewed out into the living areas of your home. Regular furnace duct cleaning in Surrey can reverse most of this damage, and help keep your home clean.

  • Carbon monoxide buildup

Carbon monoxide is one of the biggest threats of an old furnace since it’s poisonous to breathe. CO is always created in small amounts though the furnace burning, but it should all be expelled through the ventilation system – unless the vents and ducts are clogged. Then it’s entirely possible for that CO to start building up nearby where people could potentially breathe it.

Regular duct and vent cleanings help keep the way clear and prevent any unnecessary CO build-up – although you should definitely keep a carbon monoxide detector nearby, just in case.

  • Wasted fuel and money

The other big problem of older furnaces is that they become inefficient, requiring more electricity or gas to produce the same amount of heat. This waste becomes worse if the ducts and vents are also clogged up, since the furnace will have to work that much harder to push enough hot air throughout your house.

For Surrey homes with older furnaces, the costs of yearly duct cleanings can often be offset by the money you’ll save from having fully working ducts which aren’t a drag on your HVAC system.

For the Best in Surrey Furnace Duct Cleanings, Call MASDUCT – Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Ltd.

MASDUCT has been in business for decades, offering exceptional duct and vent cleaning services across Surrey. We are capable of servicing everything from single family homes to the largest of high-rises, and always with an eye towards improving the indoor air quality for our customers.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or get a free quote.

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