Wildfire Smoke is Harming Your Air Quality – Air Duct Cleaning Services Can Help!

Wildfire Smoke is Harming Your Air Quality – Air Duct Cleaning Services Can Help!

Wildfire Smoke is Harming Your Air Quality – Air Duct Cleaning Services Can Help!

British Columbia has been experiencing unprecedented wildfires for months, sending smoke across the entire province. This smoke has been seeping into buildings everywhere, and doing more damage than many people realize.

Even if the smoke isn’t heavy enough to be disruptive, it’s there – and it’s infiltrating your building every day. Commercial air duct cleaning services in Surrey can help undo the damage.

How Smoke Harms Building Interiors and Air Quality

It’s well known that inhaling smoke of any type can be damaging to the lungs and larger respiratory system. This is typically a bigger problem when the smoke is dense and concentrated, but the harm can also build up over time from smaller amounts. That’s what we’ve been seeing in BC for the last year, small amounts of smoke constantly hanging around the province, getting into every building.

This can aggravate sinus problems for anyone in your building, as well as potentially setting off more serious respiratory issues such as asthma attacks. A property owner should be looking to protect their workers, visitors, and other people in the building from air quality issues.

Furthermore, the smoke will tend to stick to every surface within a building. Besides giving the building a musty smell, it’s particularly going to settle into the HVAC system. Since your HVAC is constantly circulating air around, the smoke is going to end up in your vents, filters, and other aspects of your climate control system.

That’s why it’s a very good idea for Surrey businesses to look into air duct cleaning services this year. The atmosphere has been very bad for your HVAC system.

Air Duct Cleaning Restores Your Air Quality

When your ducts are cleaned by experienced pros who know how to handle business-class HVAC systems, you’ll see a nearly instantaneous boost to your indoor air quality. The HVAC system won’t keep circulating the same stale smoke around or passing fresh air through smoke-covered ducts.

In addition, they can also verify your HVAC system’s various vents and pipes, so that air is flowing freely throughout. The cleaning team will also clean or replace your air filters, which are undoubtedly full of smoke and soot particles at this point.

You can’t stop the wildfires, but at least you can reduce the harm they’re doing to your people and property.

MASDUCT – Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Ltd. is Surrey’s Air Duct Cleaning Specialist

Unlike most duct cleaning operations, we focus on large commercial and industrial properties. We have high-powered blowers and suction systems capable of cleaning out even the most extensive high-rise duct system, restoring excellent air quality to your entire property.

Contact us to learn more or schedule a visit.

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