The Most Common Causes of Weak Airflow from Furnaces

The Most Common Causes of Weak Airflow from Furnaces

The Most Common Causes of Weak Airflow from Furnaces

When it comes to furnaces, it needs to have the proper airflow to provide optimal results, which is why if your furnace is exhibiting signs of weak airflow it’s important to get it checked by a furnace duct cleaning company near you ASAP. Weak airflow can be due to a number of things and if left unchecked, cause the need for costly repairs down the road and in some cases, even replacement.

That’s why the team of air duct and dryer vent cleaning experts from MASDUCT in Vancouver has collected some insightful tips for you here!

The Primary Causes of Weak Airflow

Some of the leading causes of weak furnace airflow include:

Damaged Ductwork: Damaged or leaky ductwork is one of the foremost causes of weak furnace airflow because warm air escapes from your ducts as it travels from your furnace throughout your property.

Dirty or Blocked Air Filters: Your property’s air filters are not only designed to improve air quality but also ensure the peak performance of your furnace. Unfortunately, they do become dirty over time and need to be changed on a regular basis to prevent them from becoming clogged, which will drastically minimize airflow.

Issues with the Blower Motor

Your furnace’s blower motor acts like a fan, drawing air from your furnace’s return ducts, passing it through its heat exchanger, and then distributing it throughout your property. Regular maintenance and furnace inspections are recommended to avoid any issues with this integral component.

Other Issues that Cause Weak Airflow

In addition to the problems mentioned above, there are other issues such as incorrect fan speed, or having an over, or undersized furnace that will affect the airflow throughout your property.

Contact us for furnace maintenance and repairs in Vancouver, and more!

If you’re in need of furnace repairs or cleaning for your residential, commercial, or industrial property MASDUCT can help. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help minimize the chance of allergens and other airborne debris circulating throughout your property.

Additionally, furnace duct cleaning in Vancouver helps increase efficiency, save you money on your monthly utility bills, and make certain you have the best indoor air quality possible.

MASDUCT also specializes in services for strata properties including strata/rental property management, as well as duct and vent cleaning. For industrial properties, we’re equipped to provide industrial plant vacuuming services, and for commercial properties, we provide management services, HVAC cleaning, and laundromat dryer vent cleaning solutions.

Contact us online for a FREE quote or call (604) 589-2553 today!

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